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Skinny Jim Tennessee

Skinny Jim Tennessee Openair am Bielersee 08 08 2021 008

The Skinny Jim Tennessee Trio is a Rock’n’Roll Band from Berne, Switzerland. They have been touring through Europe for 15 years.

In addition to their own compositions the repertoire offers many Rock ‘n’ Roll classics form the 50s/60s inspired by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer.

After 500+ shows and 4 CDs the band ist hot, the stage on fire, the audience in a dace-frenzy. It’s time and Time again: Go! Go! Go!

The Whistleblowers

The Whistleblowers Skinny Jim Tennessee Zweisimmen 12 06 2021 017

Even more powerful Show! The Skinny Jim Tennessee Trio can be expanded by a mindblowing Hornsection The Whistleblowers!

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