You are organizing an Event and want a Show-Booking with Skinny Jim Tennessee? Great! Please provide the information below. We will get back to you with a tailored offer.

Fill me!


Which Line-Up shall i choose?

Check our scalable Band information if you are unsure how big the Band shall be

What Timetable shall i plan?

We don’t want to be in a hurry, but also try to avoid unnecessary waiting times. Check out our Timetable Example.

What does the Band eat? How many Vegis?

Check the Hospitality Rider

What Technical Equipment is required?

Check the Technical Rider

Technics by Organizer?

We like to work with organizers who provide a PA/Soundsystem and a experienced Audio-Engineer. This way we can fully focus on Music and our Equipment (Instruments/Amps). Booking an Audio-Pro will increase the quality of Sound and your Event overall.

Is there any Technician Skinny Jim Tennessee can recommend?

Yes! Roman Rohner, Urs Blaser, Anyone from Leu Sound

Technics by Skinny Jim Tennessee?

For very small Shows we are able to work with our own Soundsystem. Only Vocals will get reinforced. You will not get the best possible Mix with enough pressure in the Low end. Please send us your Technical Rider.

How do i make Skinny Jim Tennessee happy?

2 Parking Lots near the Stage, 2 helping Hands, Stage/Soundsystem/Power/Drum-Carpet ready, SJT-Equipment used exclusively by SJT, Payment before/after Show